The Team Behind the Mission

We're building Australia's home of healthcare. At Zable Health, we work hard every day to empower Australians to get back to feeling their best - no matter what they're dealing with.
Matthew Gregory
Co-Founder, CEO
Scott Gentle
Co-Founder, CEO
Genevieve Katelis
Head of Product
Anthony Marcar
Chief Technology Officer
Paul Simos
Chief Operating Officer
Edward Manollaras
Head of Sales
Alex Cleworth
National Sales Manager
Nina Finlayson
Shaun Donnell
Senior Engineer
Kurt Smith
Senior Engineer
Libby Clark-Bell
Patient Care Product Lead
Caitlin Brockway
Provider Liasion
Quentin Dejean
Senior Engineer
Dileep Shiva
Consultant Engineer
Iurii Kyrylovskyi
Front End Developer
Hilary Nobile
Provider Onboarding

What makes us experts in connecting patients with healthcare professionals and services?

To create an experience that simplifies your search for healthcare, Zable leans on the close partnerships of our medical specialists and industry thought leaders, including extensive user research with everyday Australians. Our combined expertise has created and will continue to create value by providing tools that add transparency to your search, so you can easily find the health information most important to you.

Our core principles guide us on everything we build and strive to be.

Start and End with Patients

We create, build, and execute to improve the lives of our patients. At Zable Health, we put the hard work in when no one is looking.

Act from Ownership

When we notice a problem or issue, we roll up our sleeves and fix it fast. We hold ourselves accountable because it’s our responsibility to take care of it.

Build Openness

We are open book, honest, and direct about problems, seek the truth, assume good intentions, and treat feedback as a valuable gift.

1% Better Every Day

We take a growth mindset approach and operate from a place of humility. We are energised by continually improving.

Startup Mentality

We move quickly, operate with urgency and bias towards action without sacrificing any quality. We are relentlessly resourceful.

One Team, One Dream

Our power is our community that combines technology skills + operational excellence, and talent - plus respect. We work through problems together and have a genuine care for each other personally and professionally.

Results Matter

We have a clear focus on outputs and outcomes and hold ourselves accountable for hitting ambitious goals. We set ourselves a high bar and pay attention to the pixels, words, value and results.

Celebrate Moments

We work unforgivingly for our patients, clinics and teammates, so we take the time to celebrate moments large and small.

We’re building a home for healthcare

A place where every type of patient can find every type of care. A place where they can see comprehensive providers and treatment options, with cost and quality info. A place where they can choose from a marketplace that is competing to serve them. A place where patients can keep and see their full medical history. A place where they can interact with their care team of doctors and nurses.

We won’t stop until patients have the healthcare experience they expect and deserve. And that’s what we’re working on, every day.


We are always on the lookout for hard-working and talented (Engineers, UX, UI, Sales, Data) people to join our team.

If you are passionate about challenging the status quo and want to improve the lives of our patients, fill in our form and tell us why you want to work with us.